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Coach Kela’s programs are so much more than just a nutrition plan — it’s a powerful mind-body experience. Each program is designed to transform you to heal from within to achieve the best version of yourself. Learn what it means to be truly balanced and nourished like your body intends.
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You have the power to change and shape your life… you just need to learn good habits. Coach Kela works with you to help your body heal itself from within to strive for a better overall health that will help balance your hormones, control weight, stress and energy levels and conceive a healthy baby (if that is your goal).  

set goals


It takes only a second to change your mind but a moment or two to change your body. Understanding goals will change your approach and achieve a body that is nutritionally well fed and balanced. Coach Kela is there to support you and make you accountable. 

receive results


Achieve the possible! Coach Kela does not teach fad diets or provide temporary solutions. She gives you real, effective solutions to reshape daily habits and behaviors to give you results that last. 


No matter if your goals are to lose weight, reduce hormone imbalances or issues surrounding infertility, Coach Kela has 3 different programs to fit all of your health and fitness needs. 

Have you tried and tried to lose weight only to see little or no change for your efforts? Start pushing your efforts in the right direction with Coach Kela’s life changing skills.


The need for hormone balance revolves around one simple concept: our hormones control almost all of our body functions.


Have you been struggling with infertility? Coach Kela and the mission of her programs lies heavily on a holistic and natural approach that doesn’t include any medical treatments.


Coach has taught me so much about how to eat the right foods and do the right exercises for my body.  I was able to create my little girl after struggling for years.  

We had been trying for years to start a family.  Through working with coach Kela I was able to reverse my infertility and become pregnant in just a few short months.  Thank you for changing our lives.  

After our first we tried for several years to conceive again.  Doctors said we were healthy.  Coach Kela helped us get hyper focused on the right nutrition and we were able to get pregnant again.  

Many years of trying and being told I was healthy led me to coach Kela.  Once I started eating the right foods for my body and eliminating all chemical exposures, I was pregnant month one.  I am so glad I found coach Kela and her program.  

 I did Coach Kela’s re-set program and WOW I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks and have never felt better. 



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