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Kela is has been a health and wellness industry for over 20 years and is a certified health coach through the Health Coach Institute, accredited through the International Coaching Federation. With an extensive background as a professional fitness trainer, wellness educator and self-proclaimed nutrition nerd, Kela has combined all of her passions into a business as a holistic nutrition and wellness coach.

Kela’s coaching techniques are tailored toward men and women struggling with weight loss or hormone imbalance as well as women struggling with infertility. As a mom of two little boys herself, Kela struggled with infertility and hormone imbalance for many years. Determined to find a better and more efficient way for women to overcome these hurdles, she now specializes in just that!  

“My coaching goes well beyond the title of being a “nutrition and wellness coach”. I coach my clients to lose weight while helping them discover the body they love without all of the crazy diets or strenuous exercise as well as take a step-by-step approach to creating an optical environment to conceive a healthy baby without harsh drugs or invasive procedures.  


Once the obstacles are uncovered and a clear goal is set, it’s time to get to work! Coach Kela effectively sets out a plan to help each client change their diets and daily lifestyle habits so they can get closer to crossing those milestones and reaching their goals. Daily habits toward a healthy lifestyle takes time and persistence and it can be a struggle to remain on the winning side! Coach Kela is there to help every step by step and play by play, 


Kela does this by implementing a practical and efficient game plan for each client and their unique needs. She believes in using food as a vehicle of medicine to heal their bodies from the inside out to truly promote and achieve change and get you to your goals quicker and with ease than if you were going at it alone.  

Are you ready to see what Coach Kela can do for you? Let’s get started! 

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  • Health Coach Institute: Certified Health Coach 

  • Health Coach Institute: Certified Life Coach  

  • American Council on Exercise (ACE): 10+ years Personal Trainer

  • 20+ years experience in training & coaching of clients 

  • Enrolled in Health Coach Institutes mastery program with a focus on transformational coaching methods 



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