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How important is exercise for fertility?

Updated: Apr 21

Hey ladies did you know that exercise is one of the more important pieces of the hormone puzzle. Exercise not only boosts your fertility naturally but also boosts your mood, emotions and physical well being. However working out the wrong way can tank your hormones, jeopardize your fertility and actually make you gain weight. The opposite of what you are wanting from a great workout.

Some fun statistics for you-

- Moderate regular exercise can improve fertility and the chance of having a baby.

- For overweight and obese women with PCOS regular exercise can increase the frequency of ovulation which leads to more regular menstrual cycles. As ovulation becomes more frequent, the chance of conceiving increases.

-Exercising too hard during certain times of your cycle can do more harm than good.

- Obesity in men can reduce sperm quality and fertility.

So what is the proper amount of exercise and when should you do it if you are actively TTC or if you are trying to balance your hormones through cycle syncing so you have more pleasant periods, less PMS symptoms, boosted fertility, hotter sex and more creativity, productivity and well being at work...

That depends on where you are in your cycle. With cycle syncing you will want to pay attention to where your hormones are and workout accordingly.

Here is a quick breakdown of these areas and what exercise is appropriate for each.

Phase 1 - Menstruation phase- hormones estrogen and progesterone are low and your body is working really hard to shed the lining of your uterus during your period so this is a great time for gentle and restorative movement.





Phase 2- Follicular phase- your hormones are starting to rise and so is your energy. This is a great time to bring back the higher intensity workouts like cycling, kickboxing and HITT (high intensity interval training). This will also allow your body to sweat out the excess hormones which is what you need right now as these hormones begin to circulate.

Phase 3 - Ovulation- your hormones are at their peak so you will have tons of energy, be so charismatic, and on top of the world. This is when you can do your highest intensity workouts and have the energy to do so as well as the mindset. You want to be social this time of the month so sign up for a group fitness class or a 5k. Get some of that energy out and use your hormones to do that.

Phase 4- Luteal- this phase is broken into two parts. The first part your hormones are still high so you can continue to do those hard workouts but listen to your body and when it tells you to stop then do more gentle work. The second week is when you will be going into your PMS week and depending on how well you have taken care of yourself all month your symptoms will match that. This is when you will want to bring back the more gentle workouts. It is VERY important to listen to your body this week and give it what it needs in the form of a workout. If you try to push against those feelings of low energy or not really feeling up to doing a workout then take a break. You will actually do more harm than good if you don't listen.

Now that you know what type of workouts to do an when I want to show you one of my favorite HITT workouts. I do this one 2 weeks out of the month for a killer body and to keep my hormones happy and humming all month.

Coach Kela's favorite HITT

1 minute each, repeat 3 times.

Jumping jacks

Run in place

High knees

Jump rope (no jump rope required)

Mountain climbers


Front punches with a boxer shuffle

Side punches with a boxer shuffle

Squats with a jump

Walking lunges

If you listen to your body and do the exercise that is in line with your cycle you will not only balance your hormones and boost your fertility but you will be giving your body what it needs while flowing through life instead of pushing against it. This will, in turn boost your immune system, improve your health and let you have the body of your dreams.

This is one of the areas I teach to my private clients. If you are struggling to get pregnant or with hormone imbalance, let's talk and let me show you how I can help you. Book a call here -

Love and Health,

Coach Kela

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