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Your morning routine for boosted fertility and less stress

How important is your morning routine? If you read any health blogs you know that it is super important however so many times I see morning routine suggestions be to get up at the crack of dawn and do a hard workout, meditate, do some deep breathing, make a 5 star breakfast and more. Then repeat the next day, and the next day and the next.

This advice drives me CRAZY and it is everywhere.


Because this advice assumes that men and women follow the same biological rhythms everyday of the month and therefore will benefit from the same morning routine everyday. But this isn’t the case!

Yes, both men and women follow the 24-hour circadian cycle each day, but women follow a second biological rhythm — the infradian rhythm — that follows a 28-day pattern. This means that a woman’s biochemistry is different from week to week and her morning routine should be different each week, too. (The standard advice also assumes that while one person gets up early and does the ‘success-boosting’ morning routine, someone else — aka the woman — is taking care of the kids. Uhh!)

Having a routine can help you cultivate positive daily habits as well as prioritize self-care.

Humans are creatures of habit and thrive on routine. When that is disrupted the body loads up cortisol and adrenaline and it’s basic survivability is threatened.

How the RIGHT morning routine can help you leverage your hormonal advantage.

Having a morning routine isn’t a bad concept. But the “same way everyday” approach ignores a woman’s second clock — the infradian rhythm — and actually stacks the deck against having a successful day. I’ve worked with so many women of all ages and backgrounds who say that having the same morning routine everyday leaves them feeling like failures before the day even gets started.

Women need precise, biological rhythm-specific facts on which to base their self-care practices. I know this firsthand. For a long time, I tried many of the male-centered routines… and I felt miserable. Getting up to do HITT first thing in the morning or jumping head first info work before I had even opened my eyes.

Once I understood the science of female biochemistry and the unique pulse of the infradian rhythm, I was able to optimize my morning routine and my entire outlook on self-care. It was clear to me that, as women, we will look, feel, and perform our best when we change what we eat during each phase of our 28-day hormone cycle and when we adjust our workouts to adapt to our natural cortisol and metabolic changes throughout each month. I discovered that women need key foods to support our hormonal fluctuations throughout their cycle. I understood that women can use the predictable brain changes we experience during the different phases of the infradian rhythm to select projects that feel effortless and reduce stress.

In short, I learned how to leverage the science of the infradian rhythm to help women eat, exercise, supplement, and live in a way that actually sets them up for success. No more trying to fit into a male-centered model and failing. I created The Hormone Puzzle Method™ to live in total support of the infradian rhythm and optimize my approach to work, sex, relationships, motherhood, and more. It has changed my life, maintained my health, reversed my infertility naturally and allowed me to have two babies and is the basis of my new book, The Hormone Puzzle Method, Cycle Syncing Blueprint. It can change your life for the better, too.

If you’re ready to leverage the power of your distinctive female biochemistry and make the most of your hormonal advantage, the place to start is by using The Hormone Puzzle Method™ to optimize your morning routine.

Here’s what I do as a morning routine during each of the four phases of my cycle (and this is done alongside my morning mom duties). The physical activity I suggest below can be done at any time of day that feels good and works optimally with the intersection of your circadian and infradian rhythms. If you want to work out in the morning, that’s fine, but it is not essential and optimal to work out in the morning like it is for men:

A good morning routine has three parts-

[1] Stress Management. This involves meditation and movement, but does not always include a hard core workout. [2] Thought Management. This involves directing attention/intention with visualization, journaling, and intention setting.

[3] Intentional Goal Setting Make a list of everything I need or want to do that day.

To leverage your hormonal advantage in each phase of your infradian rhythm, you’ll want to engage in phase-specific stress management AND thought-management techniques in each phase of your 28-day cycle.

Meanwhile, the first step in building a truly supportive start to each day is to think of your cycle as having two parts: a first half (the menstrual and follicular phase) and a second half (Ovulation and luteal phase).

During the first half of your cycle, you can do an earlier morning routine with more intense cardio or HIIT. In the second half, due to shifts in cortisol, you would want to focus on meditation in the morning, as it is proven to reduce cortisol levels. You can do a non-cardio workout later in the day whenever it suits you such as yoga, stretching, walking or light weights.

Making an intentional list of daily goals will help you to organize your time and prioritize most important stuff first.

It’s so easy to allow the day to get away from you especially during these time, making a list each morning will allow you to feel accomplished and determined to finish your goals.

If you suffer from hormone-related health concerns—like heavy periods, severe PMS, bloating, acne, fibroids, PCOS, irritability, insomnia, low libido, infertility, irregular or missing periods, and/or hormone-related migraines —you can biohack your way to fewer symptoms and better health by leveraging the power of your unique female biochemistry. Adapting your morning routine is the first step. Changing how you start the day will unlock your hormonal advantage.

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Love and health, Coach Kela

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