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forming a consistent exercise plan will transform your body.


relying on exercise alone to transform your body is wishful thinking.

Unlike popular belief, getting in the best or even “pretty good” shape of your life means so much more than developing a good fitness plan. There is no one workout that could ever counteract overeating or poor food choices, no matter it’s intensity level. A GOOD fitness plan requires a complete commitment to your health, which begins with changing your relationship to food. 


Coach Kela’s signature programs are designed to do just that. Our relationship with food is the foundation to re-setting your metabolism and transforming your body and mind to a well balanced and healthier version of yourself. 


No matter if your fitness goals are to lose weight, reduce hormone imbalances or issues surrounding infertility, Coach Kela has 3 different programs to fit all of your health and fitness needs. 


Have you tried and tried to lose weight only to see little or no change for your efforts? Start pushing your efforts in the right direction with Coach Kela’s life changing skills.


The need for hormone balance revolves around one simple concept: our hormones control almost all of our body functions.


Have you been struggling with infertility? Coach Kela and the mission of her programs lies heavily on a holistic and natural approach that doesn’t include any medical treatments.



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